42. Adludio – Paul Coggins

paul coggins

Company: Adludio

Founder: Paul Coggins

Website: https://www.adludio.com/

Business: Adludio is an AI-powered platform used to create interactive mobile advertisements.


About Paul and Adludio

Adludio is a global AI-powered platform that delivers interactive mobile advertising. It uses highly advanced Deep Learning technologies to create intelligent, interactive and data-driven advertising, and is committed to amplifying brand mobile campaigns as far as possible in the attention era.

Founded in 2015 by Paul Coggins, CEO, ex Teads MD and Global VP Mobile, and Jacques Kotze, CTO, Adludio has grown exponentially since its launch. Expanding from a concept between two business partners to a global operation of 72 employees with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore, as well as a remote workforce operating from 17 countries.

Adludio is a recognised as a leader in mobile brand advertising, and its unified solution has delivered over 280 million engagements for brands since 2017. Clients include some of the world’s biggest brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Chanel, Netflix, Hermes and LVMH, as well as some of the newer DTC challengers.

The company, which has experienced record growth of 447% over three years, just announced major enhancements to its technological capabilities, which go far beyond what is standard in the industry and make its solution stand-out in a crowded industry. With an emphasis on Deep Learning technology, the Adludio platform is enabling a unique level of measurement and actionable insights for clients that will help them win the battle for brand attention.


Adludio Logo


These updates have cemented Adludio as the one-stop shop for mobile advertising, delivering everything from creative production, to unique campaign insights, as well as media buying and targeting. The new platform follows swiftly on the heels of Adludio’s expansion of its senior leadership team, with the recent hires of Ian Liddicoat as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Head of Data Sciences, and Dave Ramsay as Chief Product Officer (CPO).

From Adludio’s humble beginnings, the capabilities of its platform today are a testament to how far the business has come. Its growth and success so far has been down to its keen focus on pushing the technology forward, particularly growing its AI presence at each step of the way. Rather than just adding personnel toward business expansion, Adludio instead empowered its design team with data-based recommendation and technological solutions.

The versatility of which has made achieving scale and guaranteed brand engagement much easier, as well as adjusting its proposition in alignment with market changes and challenges. Moving forward, Adludio wants to make mobile advertising more engaging and results-oriented while being less intrusive, supporting marketers with performance guaranteed, data-backed creatives.

Adludio has maintained its start-up culture as it has grown, and every employee is onboard with the vision and has the opportunity to pitch in with their ideas. Although it has a large remote workforce, the senior team has worked hard to fully integrate everyone, and create an ethos of greater communication and collaboration, so the business does not feel siloed into different teams, rather all employees are working towards the same goals.


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