43. Modularity Grid – Elizabeth Nyeko

Company: Modularity Grid

Founder: Elizabeth Nyeko

Website: https://www.modularitygrid.com/

Business: enabling the next generation of low carbon energy systems for aerospace and terrestrial applications.


About Elizabeth and Modularity Grid

Climate-conscious development. Modularity Grid are a small and agile cleantech company, that exists to tackle some of the most complex interlinked challenges of our time at the intersection between energy systems and sustainability.

Building on pioneering research, they work with partners ranging from Airbus, to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation – to scale their impact.


modularity grid


‘We’re empowering off-grid and grid-edge energy providers with novel solutions and approaches to addressing the energy trilemma. Our off-grid electrification work is funded by Innovate UK, and featured in MIT Technology Review and in WIRED.​

Our consortium includes Mandulis Energy, an off-grid energy company funded by UN Capital Development Fund, Innovate UK, and African Development Bank among others.’


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