44. WCKD RZR – Chuck Teixeira

Company: WCKD RZR

Founder: Chuck Teixeira

Website: www.wckdrzr.com

Business: WCKD RZR is a true data enablement software company.


About Chuck and WCKD RZR

WCKD RZR solves a broad range of data issues which are faced every day by global businesses, caused by conflicting data governance policies and authorisation controls in different locations, jurisdictions and countries.

The London-based startup’s founder Chuck Teixera and Chief Technology Officer Jon Farina both experienced those headaches first hand in their former senior data roles at HSBC. They couldn’t find any solution on the market to solve it. So, they’ve built a business which does.

Currently, if an organisation wants to fix its data estate by moving to a single, or multiple clouds or database management system, it can cost millions of dollars to do so. In most cases doesn’t work. Often data is not labelled, properly catalogued, or can’t be found – and is subject to different regulations.


wckd rzr


Founded in 2020, just as the pandemic hit, WCKD RZR’s pioneering Data Enablement software, Data Watchdog, unlocks the potential of any multinational organisation’s data by spidering their databases, allowing them to find, govern and access data in each country, in real time, fully compliant with relevant data sharing, privacy and governance rules.

So far sales have been targeted at the biggest global banks and financial institutions but WCKD RZR’s solution is one which benefits every international organisation, from airlines to pharmaceuticals, since they all face the same data governance issues.

The company completed a $1.2 million pre-seed investment round early in 2022, and is expecting to begin a $3-£5 million seed funding round early in 2023.

WCKD RZR is one of just 35 cyber startups, SMEs and scaleups to secure a place on the Cyber Runway accelerator backed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). It was also one of just 50 European startups selected to take part in the inaugural Amazon Web Services (AWS) FinTech Accelerator programme.


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