45. WeMaintain – Benoit Dupont

Company: WeMaintain

Founder: Benoit Dupont

Website: https://unitedkingdom.wemaintain.com/

Business: WeMaintain is a building maintenance company providing asset, property & facilities managers with a model that combines the technical expertise of engineers with the predictive power of its IoT-enabled proprietary technology.


About Benoit and WeMaintain

Founded in 2017 by Benoit Dupont, Jade Francine, and Tristan Foureur, WeMaintain is a UK-based PropTech scale-up radically transforming the critical building operations market. It offers building managers and owners a solution that combines the technical skills of engineers with the agility and predictability of its proprietary IoT technology.

WeMaintain takes care of the invisible yet indispensable operations that are essential to a building. As businesses adapt to mixed-use office buildings and hybrid working arrangements, there is more demand than ever for reliable access to office spaces and a quality, seamless experience of in-person work. Leaders must be able to demonstrate the value of the office for collaboration while removing all the barriers to effective work.



The company’s data-driven solution collects data on active buildings to predict the need for maintenance and give asset managers the tools for careful, intelligent usage; data on HVAC systems (and the ability to turn on/off as needed, in line with environmental changes) will allow operators greater control of energy-consuming tasks, improving their ESG ratings and helping smart cities evolve to meet the climate crisis head-on.

WeMaintain’s model differs from other maintenance providers in giving engineers autonomy and the latest in smart technology, so they can work towards creating the best possible customer experience, delivering faster and more affordable maintenance with minimal interference. Engineers are incentivised to deliver on agreed customer KPIs, with performance bonuses paid monthly.

Updated in real-time, the abundance of accessible information on maintenance and repairs allows engineers to arrive with all the tools needed and perform their jobs quickly and efficiently. WeMaintain has hence been able to cut the number of breakdowns by three within a six-month maintenance period. 72% of all callouts are also carried out in under two hours – half the four-hour industry average – as engineers arrive with the tools and information they need to work effectively.

WeMaintain has been able to expand from Paris to London, Singapore and Manchester in only five years. The company has won major contracts with Keolis Amey Docklands (KAD) [DLR operators], KeolisAmey Metrolink (KAM), British Land, WeWork’s full Paris portfolio, and Workspace’s London portfolio. Backed by investors and VCs, WeMaintain has raised €40M to date and has an international team 160 strong.


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