42. National MRI Scan


Company: National MRI Scan

Founders: Charlie Bullock, Joe Daniels, Oliver Knight, Jasper Nissim, Khalid Latief

Website: https://nationalmriscan.com/

Business: A Booking platform making MRIs and diagnostic scans more available


About National MRI Scan

National MRI is the UK’s leading digital health platform for booking diagnostic imaging tests, its goal is to offer an affordable, fast and efficient service to those who need it – with all-inclusive pricing to cover everything from pre-consultation, scanning and to a post-scan consultation.

Founded in 2017 by Osteopath Jasper Nissim and Consultant Radiologist Khalid Latief, National MRI will use its capital from it’s recent oversubscribed seed to fuel its international expansion, launching in the USA and Germany under the SCAN.com brand name. The company is also working to build its B2B business model, targeting leading health insurance companies and new preventative services in the UK like FullBodyScan.com.

It was born in Nottingham, UK where Jasper was shocked and saddened by the 100’s of patients he saw in his Osteopathy clinic who were struggling to get a potentially life-saving medical diagnostic scan. He found that there were huge amounts of latent supply in the private sector. Imaging machines in private hospitals were sat there under utilised, whilst patients in the NHS were waiting for a scan in excruciating pain and/or anxiety for many months.


national mri scan


National MRI has grown to offer the largest number of private MRI scanning companies in the UK – to date, scanning over 20,000 patients. The platform presents an alternative solution to the long NHS waitlists – relieving vital pressure on health service’s limited resources. For context 370,000 patients have waited 6+ weeks for one of 15 key diagnostic tests this August, which is a 780% increase since pre-pandemic (August, 2019).

The Digital Health startup’s seed was led by Oxford Capital (major investors in PushDoctor), YZR (founders of TeleClinic), Founders Factory, KM Capital and well-known industry angels Tom Blomfield, Evelyne Bourke (ex-BUPA CEO) and Harry Hurst (PIPE CEO).

After bootstrapping to seven-digit revenue figures whilst part-time, the founding team, which also includes Charlie Bullock (CEO), Joe Daniels (Head of Front-End and UX) and Oliver Knight (COO), aims to make diagnostic imaging accessible and affordable to everyone around the world.

National MRI is currently part of the Founders Factory accelerator program; where health insurance giant, Aviva, is the strategic partner for the FinTech sector. Henry Lane-Fox, CEO of Founders Factory added: “They are changing the game by creating a platform that gets diagnostic testing and results done within a week, without breaking people’s purses. We’re thrilled to support this exciting digital health startup and help them scale”.


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