51. fethr

Company: fethr

Founders: Julian Issa, Gerardo Rodriguez & Miguel Bravo, 2021

Website: https://www.fethr.app

Business: A friendship app that uses AI and machine learning to make more meaningful connections.


About fethr

fethr use AI and machine learning to connect members based on their personality and changing social needs. Whether you’re looking for deeper connection or a fun night out, fethr’s got you covered. The app’s key differentiator is they’ve drastically reduced the time it takes for someone to find an ‘ideal’ connection on platform, whilst adding more meaning to each connection.

Building a community in cities can be a daunting challenge for many newcomers. On top that, working from home and online lectures have made it incredibly hard for people to meaningfully connect. The pandemic has also presented a clear early adopter – digital nomads – a community that grew by 41% in 2021. Important to say, the main reason why digital nomads return home is loneliness.




Since going full time on fethr in January 2021, the startup have launched their pilot in Sydney where they were featured as a ‘startup to watch’ on national TV. Following a five-month beta, where they pivoted their product, fethr launched the IoS/Android App in October, and have seen 1000s join the platform.

fethr have seen incredible engagement, with many people making great friends on the platform. The startup were winners at City Venture’s City Spark Grand Final, were featured in Business & Innovation Magazine’s ‘Best of Business’ and are finalists in Arbuthnot Latham’s ‘Inspiring Innovator of the Year’ Award.

With their pre-seed about to close, the coming year will see a roll out of key feature updates, a few exciting ‘large-scale’ growth hacks, and rapid expansion into key markets where are early adopter are based.


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