52. Champion Health

Company: Champion Health

Founder: Harry Bliss, 2018

Website: https://championhealth.co.uk/

Business: A workplace health platform keeping healthy employees healthy while also ensuring struggling employees get the support they need.


About Champion Health

Champion Health was founded by Harry Bliss in 2018, to make being healthier easier for the people that power our organisations.

Champion’s workplace health platform, known as the “Netflix of Wellbeing”, keeps healthy employees healthy, while also ensuring that struggling employees quickly get the support they need. And for Harry, this mission is personal. Just six months into his journey, he found out that his friend and mentor had taken his own life due to a short bout of workplace stress.

Since then, Harry has been galvanised to improve workplace health; leading to rapid business growth and multiple awards, and most importantly, Harry has been informed that the platform has saved at least four lives. The platform is the first of its kind to bring all areas of wellbeing into one place, meaning workplace health initiatives are personalised to every employee.

Each employee completes a digital health assessment, which uses clinically valid questionnaires and metrics to assess every area of wellbeing, from mental health through to sleep quality. This results in an actionable, personalised health report to improve their wellbeing. Leaders also receive an aggregated anonymised company health report. This data empowers employers to drive targeted wellbeing initiatives that support employees in the areas that matter most to them.




The success of any workplace health initiative is contingent on engagement, that’s why it’s a key focus for Champion. The “Netflix of Wellbeing” is driving 10x the engagement of traditional providers, meaning more employees are prioritising their health and wellbeing.

Champion’s success led to Harry recently winning the award for Young Leader at the Northern Leadership Awards 2021. The world is taking notice of Champion Health, and the company is winning business rapidly.

The team are targeting 500,000 users in the next year, 1 million users within two years, and over three million users within five years from now. They are also targeting a two-fold revenue increase year-on-year and are well on the way to achieving that in 2021.

In the long term, Champion is aiming to become the leading provider of workplace health solutions, with anonymous data collated from the platform used to positively impact wellbeing policy and research. And as Champion Health expands, the goal of changing and saving lives will continue to be the driving force.


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