53. Weaver Labs

Company: Weaver Labs

Founders: Maria Lema, Anthony Tsiopoulos and Alexandros Roditis

Website: https://www.weaverlabs.io/

About Weaver Labs


At Weaver Labs, our five-year journey is fueled by a commitment to revolutionizing connectivity access. We set out with a mission to democratize the telecommunications supply chain, challenging the conventional infrastructure investment model to ensure universal connectivity accessibility.

Acknowledging the critical challenges of infrastructure ownership and investment, we advocate for a paradigm shift. Traditional service providers often hesitate to invest in underserved areas, resulting in market failures and leaving communities without vital connectivity. In response, we propose an alternative model that empowers various entities to take ownership, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Our vision extends beyond mere competition in the telecoms market; it centers on addressing the fundamental issue of equitable infrastructure ownership. Through collaboration and incentivizing diverse ownership, we strive to create a telecoms landscape that caters to the needs of all, unlocking opportunities for innovation, economic growth, and profound social impact.

Enter Cell-Stack, our revolutionary management and monitoring tool—a game-changer in seamlessly integrating telecoms infrastructure. Cell-Stack makes connectivity easily discoverable and accessible, fostering dynamic partnerships and promoting supply chain diversification.

Cell-Stack’s cutting-edge solution empowers telecom providers to seamlessly offer services across both owned and external infrastructure accessed as a service. By alleviating capital expenditure burdens, Cell-Stack enhances network profitability, amplifying the capabilities of providers and creating a collaborative ecosystem where infrastructure owners share resources and drive unprecedented efficiency.

In testament to our commitment to breaking connectivity barriers, we’ve strategically deployed Cell-Stack in collaboration with industry leaders. Our London FWA trial -alongside Colt, CIN, Radisys, Benetel, and D-Link- showcases an innovative approach to indoor connectivity through the benefits of the 5G OpenRAN Fixed Wireless Access network. Cell-Stack orchestrates bare-metal and virtual networks, introducing novel software for edge-cloud power management.

In another impactful deployment with the ESA in the Track & Trust project, Cell-Stack, alongside its lite-WireMQ, ensures the traceability of aids in difficult-to-reach areas like Ukraine. This deployment extends telecommunications systems seamlessly, highlighting the versatility and robustness of Cell-Stack.

The Smart Junctions 5G deployment with VivaCity and Transport for Greater Manchester uses Cell-Stack as a proof-of-concept for efficient infrastructure management. Seamlessly incorporating public assets into Cell-Stack, it provides vital data for network deployment, including precise location, power supply, and cabinet details.

The Liverpool City Region HDD deployment addresses challenges in poor digital connectivity during high-demand events. Here, Cell-Stack facilitates rapid scaling through automated network deployments and streamlined orchestration, opening avenues for neutral hosting and enabling mobile network operators to utilize it as a service.

In conclusion, Weaver Labs is not merely in the connectivity business; we’re in the business of transforming lives. As champions of innovative solutions like Cell-Stack, we are dedicated to driving social impact, fostering economic growth, and promoting digital inclusion across the UK.


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