54. twig

Company: twig

Founder: Dr Russ Tucker

Website: https://twig.bio/

About twig


twig is using AI & robotics to revolutionise the bioengineering and ingredients industry, creating sustainable replacements, made from bio-fermented bacteria cells, that can replace common environmentally harmful ingredients such as acetone, isoprene and palmitic acid, which are found in everyday items such as margarines, paint stripper, cosmetics, soaps, detergents and more.

Russ is the co-founder and CEO at twig, a bioengineering start-up which is combining AI, robotics and fermentation tech to drive a global transition away from unsustainably resourced ingredients to bio-fermented ingredients in a way that benefits everyone – people, producers, and the planet. Before twig, Russ co-founded cultivated meat pioneer Ivy Farm, and worked as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group.


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