55. Viktrs LTD

Company: Viktrs LTD

Founder: Mark Bamford

Website: https://www.viktrs.com/


About Viktrs LTD


In 2019, Mark Bamford and a team of six visionaries embarked on a mission to revolutionize the video streaming landscape, particularly addressing the challenges faced by independent music artists and content creators. Viktrs emerged as a response to the fundamentally broken economic structure of video streaming, exacerbated by the stagnation of major platforms over the past 15 years, where platforms like YouTube remained largely unchanged, relying heavily on using cookies and personal data to push adverts on viewers. Recognizing this stagnation in an era where audiences are demanding more authentic experiences, traditional advertising is losing effectiveness, and the vanishing of cookies presents challenges.

Viktrs was born with a commitment to reshape revenue streams, enhance data insights, and ensure equitable rewards for content creators.

Central to Viktrs’ vision is a dedication to authentic and highly engaged discovery-based journeys. This strategic approach invites viewers to actively engage with inspiring elements in real-time, fostering authentic connections between creators and audiences. In an industry accustomed to passive viewing, Viktrs stands out by promoting active engagement and authentic discovery-based experiences.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Viktrs captures and analyzes audience interactions within videos, yielding ethically sourced data insights that pave the way for innovative revenue channels. Beyond traditional advertising and subscription models, Viktrs introduces a transformative dimension to viewer interaction, introducing new revenue streams from data, clicks, and eCommerce— all transparently shared with content creators.

The success of Viktrs is evident in soft launches and pilot projects, boasting an impressive average click-through rate of 23%, instances exceeding 110%, and a eCommerce conversion rate of 2.1%. Demonstrating its prowess, Viktrs delivers video streams at 15 cents each—approximately 150 times more cost-effective than established platforms. Transparent revenue sharing stands as a cornerstone, ensuring that artists receive not just recognition but also a fair living, marking a transformative shift in the industry’s dynamics.

In a pivotal moment, Viktrs explores strategic collaborations with global leaders in the advertising space. This partnership aims to establish an ethical revenue and data stream for advertising agencies, moving away from conventional push advertising reliant on questionable programmatic targeting. Viktrs champions a more authentic, high-return-on-investment, discovery-based approach to advertising.

As Viktrs pioneers this high-impact, discovery-based content experience, it symbolizes innovation and ethical standards. The company stands as a transformative force, catalyzing discovery-based innovation and leading the evolution of the creative and video media landscape into a realm of richer, more authentic, and artist-centric experiences. The commitment to ethical data management underscores Viktrs’ dedication to empowering creators, brands, and agencies through real-time insights derived from discovery-based journeys. In an industry poised for change, Viktrs boldly emerges as a pioneer, reshaping the narrative of video streaming and empowering independent artists in the process.


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