56. Panintelligence

Company: Panintelligence

Founders: Zandra Moore and Ken Miller

Website: https://panintelligence.com/





About Panintelligence


Founded in 2014, Panintelligence is a leading provider of embedded analytics and business intelligence software for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, making the wealth of data collected by these platforms more accessible and actionable to users.

Most SaaS platforms are data-rich but time-poor. They accumulate vast amounts of information for every customer, data which could provide valuable intelligence and enhance the value they provide.

But turning that data into powerful reports, individual analytics and predictive insights often requires expensive and complex development work that internal teams don’t have the time or expertise to deliver.

Historically, that has meant that the most potent and valuable analytics are not implemented, and users cannot unlock the power of their data.

PanIntelligence solves this problem with a zero-code, low-cost plug-in – pi SaaS – offering bespoke analytics, dashboards, visualisations, reports, and machine learning-based predictions. Users can generate powerful insights from their data, whatever their level of technical expertise.

Almost 500 SaaS vendors worldwide now rely on Panintelligence’s best-in-class analytics, enabling millions of people without deep data expertise – including teachers, nurses and business leaders – to predict the future and gain actionable intelligence in the applications they use every day.

Customers worldwide are served by a team of 40 people based at Panintelligence’s headquarters in Leeds, UK, and a new office opened in January 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Panintelligence’s success in the SaaS space was sparked by a Covid-induced pivot, shortly after the company secured a £4.5 million Series A funding round from YFM Equity Partners and Comhar Capital.

Previously, the company sold its analytics software as a bolt-on product through on-premise tech vendors. When the Covid pandemic began, Panintelligence lost a significant chunk of income from this group and realised that cloud-based products would be the dominant option for companies in the future.

Panintelligence dropped other initiatives and diverted funding to pi SaaS. It aimed to build a product that could compete in the changing business landscape. But it achieved much more: bringing a category-defining, cloud-based analytics platform to market in just three months – more than a year earlier than planned.

This new revenue stream, introduced in 2020, was worth £2.7 million in 2022 and is forecast to top £3.5 million in 2023, more than double that of the company’s on-premise software.

Demand for Pi SaaS is growing at 60%; more than 75% of its revenues are from SaaS companies; and 97% of its income now comes from monthly recurring revenues.

Half of the new customers Panintelligence won this year following the opening of its Boston office are based in the US.

Panintelligence’s positive impact goes beyond its 500+ customers, millions of users and team. CEO Zandra Moore sits on the UK government task force for ‘Women Leading High Growth Enterprises’, driving better awareness and support for female-founded businesses, and team members regularly volunteer through the ‘Ahead Partnership’ to promote STEM in schools.


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