54. Love Cocoa

Company: Love Cocoa

Founder: James Cadbury, 2016

Website: https://lovecocoa.com/

Business: Luxury, ethical chocolate in a way that’s loved by all – you, the planet, and its people.


About Love Cocoa

Founder of Love Cocoa James Cadbury was inspired by his great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, founder of Cadbury’s chocolate. James created Love Cocoa with the purpose of making great tasting chocolate bars in Great Britain, in a way that’s loved by all – you, the planet, and its people. Inspired by his philanthropic ancestors, Love Cocoa was started from James’ kitchen table.

We’re all becoming increasingly aware of our own impact on the planet, but many people aren’t aware that the mainstream chocolate industry is shrinking our rainforests and seriously contributing to global warming. Here, the problem begins right at the source with how the cocoa bean is farmed. Love Cocoa aims to tackle this problem head on by planting one tree for every product sold, in order to create a fairer, more sustainable chocolate industry.


love cocoa product


Love Cocoa uses single origin cacao which is in the top 8% in the world, sourced from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. They use this to handcraft unique luxury chocolates, and present chocolate boxes filled with the finest chocolate in the world. They are 99% plastic-free and and by the end of 2021, they will have eliminated all plastic from their packaging. In addition to this, through their plant a tree projects, they will have planted over 1m trees by the end of 2021 meaning they will be carbon negative.

“Sometimes people ask me how it feels to see the Cadbury name on another company’s product, but Cadbury’s chocolate is completely different – it’s mass market. We do put my name on bars of Love Cocoa so people can understand the story behind the brand, but calling it ‘James Cadbury’ would have caused undue confusion for consumers and I never wanted to step on the toes of Cadbury chocolate.”

Commenting about their process for creating new original flavours, Cadbury said: “I pay close attention to food trends: I look to the US, which is usually a little ahead of us in terms of what’s coming up, and I’m always on the lookout for ideas when I’m travelling and make a point of visiting chocolate shops in towns and cities to see what they’re doing.”


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