56. HouseDesigner – Samantha-Jane Agbontaen

Company: HouseDesigner

Founder: Samantha-Jane Agbontaen

Website: https://housedesigner.net/

Business: House Designer brings interior design to the masses.


About Samantha-Jane and HouseDesigner

The main objective for House Designer is to bring interior design to the masses. Interior design has long been seen as something for the middle and upper classes.

Samantha and her team wanted to open up access. In today’s fast moving world, home has become our most precious commodity, and people are spending more time at home. During the pandemic, it was evident that people are wanting home luxury on a budget, and www.housedesigner.net gives just that.




As a platform, there is room to collaborate with other designers, and help them to earn an income too, which will increase revenue without compromising on quality. House Designer is the only online interior design platform in the UK that contains photorealitist 3D visual and VR reality. This gives them a competitive edge, and an air of uniqueness and distinction. The platform is very unique, which enhances user experience, and the team is purposely and proudly multicultural and diverse.

Samantha, the founder of House Designer has over 10 years experience in business and the design industry, and she hit many bumps early on. Her sharp ability to resolve things quick meant that the company were able to overcome the worst parts of the pandemic, and grow quickly in the midst. Their growth and impact remains steady and stable, with more people choosing to spend more time at home.


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