57. Safer Date – Elaine Parker

Company: Safer Date

Founder: Elaine Parker

Website: https://saferdate.co.uk/

Business: Safer Date is the safest online dating app in the world.


About Safer Date and Elaine Parker

Safer Date is the only dating app which carries out real-time, biometric ID checks on every member to eliminate anonymity and fake profiles, as well as offering the most comprehensive global criminal background checks possible.

Their ID checks are carried out in real-time to the same standards used by banks and use biometric facial recognition.

safer date

For their background checks, they partner with an intelligence agency that gathers worldwide information from the Police, DBS, National Crime Agency, Interpol, and the FBI. As well as their safety features, Safer Date also tackles other issues which are present on other dating apps. They stop people from being bombarded with unwanted messages, filter out offensive messages and images, and even have a unique graceful goodbye feature to tackle ghosting. Safer Date is all about putting our customers first.

They didn’t have the pricing model right when they first launched the app, but they have spent time listening to their customers, ascertaining product/market fit, and adapting their app to suit this. They are now ready to rapidly scale and intend to do so over the next six months including social media marketing, influencer marketing and Dragon’s Den which will air in January 2023.

The dating industry is a huge, billion dollar international industry with no legal standards. As a result, online dating crimes have risen by 382% over the last five years, with endless horror stories and as much as £92million being lost to romance fraud in the UK alone last year. Safer Date’s mission is to revolutionise dating to change this.


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