58. Laundryheap

Company: Laundryheap

Founder: Deyan Dimitrov

Website: https://www.laundryheap.com/

Business: A service that collects, cleans and delivers fresh laundry and dry cleaning in just 24 hours


About Laundryheap

Established in 2014, Laundryheap is a service that collects, cleans and delivers fresh laundry and dry cleaning in just 24 hours.

With the click of a button, customers can book drivers to arrive at their door to pick up and drop off their laundry at any time that is convenient for them. Laundryheap’s founder, Deyan Dimitrov, established this door-to-door service after discovering a lack of on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning options available in his city.

Since its original launch in London, Laundryheap now operates in 27 cities that span across the UK and 10 other countries, including the US, Singapore, the Netherlands and Qatar.

One of the multiple challenges that Laundryheap faced last year came from the huge growth that the platform experienced during the height of the pandemic.

Demand for the service spiked due to an increase in demand for professional cleaning services, with the company’s new ‘hot wash’ feature (that worked to effectively sterilise clothing) becoming an extremely popular choice.

To combat the challenge of a large-scale expansion in an uncertain climate, resources had to be efficiently optimised to ensure that the quality of service and customers’ trust were not lost.

Physical interactions were switched to contactless collections and deliveries, and the company also had to embrace hiring and training new recruits via video calls rather than face-to-face.




The company also used the accelerated expansion of the team as a chance to focus on the job satisfaction and welfare of their drivers by introducing policies to improve their experience.

This included ensuring that each driver understood their own valuable role within the business and giving them each a personal point of contact at their nearest head office, so that they could give feedback and stay in touch with the wider team.

In order to manage growth in a time of flux, Laundryheap knew how important it would be to stay nimble and be prepared to move in line with the market.

The pandemic enhanced their commitment to innovation, enabling them to grow much faster than predicted in 2020 and 2021. The company also took this time to focus on developing their core business values and improve their quality of service and customer satisfaction, which proved pivotal to their growth.

Looking ahead, Laundryheap has plans for further international expansion whilst also doubling down on its commitment to being a green business.

In addition to using ‘Green Routes’, they’ve recently invested £2.5m in a new fleet of eco-bikes to ensure their deliveries are more carbon friendly. These vehicles will be introduced across UK cities at the end of this year and during the course of 2022, before being rolled out in the USA, Asia and the Middle East.


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