57. Haystack

Company: Haystack

Founders: Chris Bone, Robert Simmons & Mike Davies, 2020

Website: https://haystackapp.io/

Business: A career and insights marketplace


About Haystack

Haystack is a data insights and careers marketplace that uncovers, highlights and curates opportunities based on a user’s interests, values and tech stack. Haystack offers a fresh perspective to employer branding and techie sourcing by focusing at the top of the talent acquisition funnel and offering a unique solution for marketers and hiring managers alike.

Since its inception, Haystack has raised £1m in seed funding. Haystack’s mission is “to uncover, highlight and curate the most interesting tech opportunities”, allowing techies to filter out the noise and tech employers to engage directly with tech talent.

Founded in 2020, Haystack was born out of the frustration with traditional recruitment practices – this issue is on both sides of the market. For businesses, unfair recruitment fees, shady practices, biased job boards and noisy social media platforms meant that it was virtually impossible to organically promote your employer brand and this left recruitment agents with a monopoly on localised tech markets. If candidates are acting like consumers, employers need to start hiring like marketers.




For tech talent, lack of employer transparency, being hounded by recruiters and poorly matched job listings meant that an ideal employer is often hiding in plain sight without even realising. In the UK over 80% of developers are not actively looking for a job, but at least half are open to new opportunities; techies are curious. That’s why Haystack isn’t just for active job seekers. The potential reach across the UK is huge – and growing.

When recently surveyed, their users said that over 64% of them are contacted more than once a week by recruiters and nearly 28% are contacted on a daily basis – Haystack aims to eliminate the spam, provide all the information you need to make an informed career decision and simply bring hiring managers directly to techies.

Recently, Haystack has surpassed 10,000 active users as we expand across the UK, partnering with some huge brands such as AO.com, Asda and Lloyds Banking Group as well as notable high growth startups such as Peak, Goodlord and Cinch. Haystack is ushering in a new, exciting growth phase for the business and has huge ambitions for 2022.



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