56. fyio

Company: fyio

Founder: Louise Marsh

Website: https://fyio.app/

Business: fyio is designed as a document storage and sharing ecosystem.


About fyio

fyio is on a mission to make the world Paperwork Happy! Launched as a consumer app designed to navigate life and bits of paper, fyio has evolved into a document storage and sharing ecosystem integrating fyio app, fyio biz, and fyio pro to support document share between individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises and organisations.

According to tech blogger, Hiten Shah, the most exciting software products aim to solve the most mundane problems, ones that millions of people wrestle with every day. Keeping paperwork safe and found is one such problem.

More than £200 billion is currently unclaimed in the UK alone due to lost or forgotten paperwork (Daily Telegraph, 2019) and while 96% of people believe it’s important to keep their personal paperwork in order, only 3 in 10 people in the UK actually feel ‘calm and in control’ of it. Only 1 in 10 is confident they could retrieve important documents within 24 hours in the case of a flood or fire. (OnePoll, December 2019).




When the founder, Louise Marsh, worked in the life insurance industry, she observed first-hand how damaging chaotic paperwork could be to people’s lives but her moment of inspiration for fyio came when her husband left the British Army after 25 years and he started applying for work in the private security sector. This required sending highly confidential documentation to potential employers, usually by unsecure email. He realised not only did he not know where to find his paperwork since Louise or the Army had always dealt with it but also that he was sending sensitive information through an inherently unsecure channel.

With no tech background and confounded by existing cloud storage solutions, they scoped a new app to make paperwork management exceptionally simple, accessible, and secure, protecting its users 24/7, delivering peace of mind and becoming a companion for life. fyio’s launch product, fyio app, is a unique, secure and super simple-to-use digital filing cabinet, enabling users to snap / import a document, set renewal and reminder dates, add a note, and share it – all in seconds. Protected by two-factor authentication, facial / fingerprint recognition, and bank grade encryption, fyio puts its users completely in control allowing them to set a time limit on a document share, and enabling them to revoke any document at any time.

Equally, recipients are protected and always receive a notification giving the option to view a document prior to accepting or declining, preventing spam infiltration. Unlike other document storage apps, fyio has done all the thinking for its users, providing category and sub-category ready made ‘drawers’ for every aspect of day-to-day life. It is unique in its ability to share a document, eg, a Covid passport, from the Covid-19 drawer within the medical / health drawer directly through the recipient’s Covid-19 drawer.

fyio has completed one pre-seed and two seed rounds, raising £565k. Its next priorities are to complete fyio biz and fyio pro prototypes and pilot pro with a military charity.


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