60. TurinTech


Company: TurinTech

Founders: Dr Leslie Kanthan, Dr Michail Basios, Dr Fan Wu​ and Dr Lingbo Li​

Website: https://turintech.ai/

Business: AI Optimisation company


About TurinTech

TurinTech is a leading AI Optimisation company. It empowers businesses to build efficient and scalable AI by automating the whole data science lifecycle. TurinTech enables organisations to drive AI transformation at scale and at speed.

TurinTech is a research-driven deep tech company. Founded in 2018, TurinTech has grown from four founders to over 35 employees from over 20 nationalities with more than 50% of them holding a PhD in Computer Science.

The four co-founders first met at University College London during their PhD research. Having worked for prestigious financial institutions, TurinTech’s founders were frustrated by the manual machine learning developing process and manual code optimising process, which are time-consuming, resource-intensive and require deep domain expertise. To overcome these difficulties, the team built an end-to-end optimisation platform – EvoML – for building and scaling AI

TurinTech’s EvoML is the only platform embedded with Code Optimisation, generating scalable AI with high accuracy and efficiency. EvoML helps businesses speed up the end-to-end data science process from months to weeks; optimise model efficiency for quicker inference speed, lower memory and energy consumption. Furthermore, EvoML provides 100% explainability with visual explanation and model code.




To date, TurinTech’s product has been used by hundreds of users, on more than 5000 datasets and developed over 100,000 models. Using EvoML, companies can overcome AutoML’s limitations in different sectors by building optimal AI easier and faster.

For example, a leading hedge fund accelerated trading strategy design from 6 months to 2 weeks, a global consumer goods company predicted legal risks of marketing claims for skincare products achieving 90%+ accuracy.

Early this year, TurinTech announced its partnership with leading database company Exasol and its entry into Tech Nation’s Applied AI 3.0 Cohort.

TurinTech continuously advances AI research by partnering with leading academic institutions like University College London. Last year, it was shortlisted for Horizon 2020 – the Biggest EU Research and Innovation Programme.

Since its creation, the startup has raised over £4 million in seed funding rounds.


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