61. Weavr

Company: Weavr

Founders: Adrian Mizzi and Alex Misfud

Website: https://www.weavr.io/

Business: Enables business to integrate any financial service anywhere their customers need it


About Weavr

Weavr is a fast-growing fintech on a mission to enable any business to integrate any financial service anywhere their customers need it. Their open platform for embedded finance provides everything a business needs to integrate financial services into their mobile application or SaaS platform, safely, smoothly, and without the usual compliance burden.

Weavr was co-founded in late 2018 by CTO Adrian Mizzi, a technologist with a PhD in Computer Science with extensive experience in building and leading technology teams in the payments space, and CEO Alex Mifsud, a serial payments entrepreneur whose first business, Entropay, launched Visa’s first virtual prepaid card programme.

The unique platform provides access to a suite of ready-made financial services with built-in compliance that companies plug into their business either individually or via packaged combinations to best suit their customer needs. With Weavr, businesses can go live faster than anyone else in the market and for a fraction of the cost.

Innovative businesses of all sizes and in diverse industries use the Weavr platform to make financial services an invisible yet invaluable part of their customer experience. They are empowered to collect, store, spend and lend money all in the context of their digital application.




These applications, together with the financial services integrated within them, are shaping the future of work, healthcare, education, real estate, and many other services sectors. These sectors are rapidly digitising and within Weavr’s first nine months, 42 innovators have signed up – including Finway, Ben, 11Onze and X-Wrist.

In July 2021, Weavr closed a $10 million seed funding round led by Headline, with participation from Seedcamp, Anthemis and FinTech-focused QED Investors, an extension to $4 million seed capital raised in November 2020.

Weavr now has 40 employees across the UK, Malta, Germany, Portugal, and Romania, and is led by its founders and a senior executive team who have an extensive track record of growing fintechs across the world.


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