61. ekko

Company: ekko

Founders: Oli Cook, Simon Toller and Manish Vara

Website: https://ekko.earth/



About ekko


Founded in 2019, our company is a multi-award-winning embedded sustainability platform that transforms retail transactions into a force for positive environmental impact. We’re committed to creating value for both customers and brands, all while contributing to a more sustainable world. Through our platform, every transaction becomes an opportunity to drive meaningful change, aligning customer engagement with broader ecological goals.

The ekko API is an award-winning, sustainability infrastructure designed to turn financial transactions into powerful drivers for sustainable impact. Our fully customisable platform can integrate with any transaction type globally, empowering it with sustainability benefits as chosen by your brand or customer.

Simply integrate ekko’s API to access a varied menu of sustainable solutions, each tailored to different customer segments. These options not only educate (through real-time carbon tracking) but also offer tangible ways to positively impact our world (such as offsetting, saving plastic from entering our oceans, endangered animal conservation). This API can be easily integrated into your app, website, or communication channels, arming your customers with real-time insights into the impact they’re making.

Our system delivers instantaneous, segmented data about your customers’ spending and corresponding environmental impact. This information can be analysed in real-time at the brand, segment, and proposition levels through our insightful impact dashboard.

You can also export reports into board packs, for shareholders, tendering or marketing purposes to showcase your brand’s sustainability efforts. ekko partners exclusively with global leaders in every field of sustainability, ensuring that all activities are traceable and evidenced with certificates and photos, delivering ultimate transparency and maximising positive impact.

Uniquely, our model also opens up a new revenue stream for brands. The greater the positive impact created, the larger the revenue opportunity—or the potential to amplify sustainable impact even further.

The ekko solution goes from data to doing- a 100% end-to-end sustainability infrastructure that allows your business to choose unique deployments and highly emotive and engaging offering for your end customers. We focus on empowering customers with information and then reinforce positive behaviour with positive planet impact that is emotive, exciting and impactful. Our approach is proven to work, with 64% of people using our technology stating they now think about sustainability every single day.

With ekko, every transaction is charged with purpose.


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