63. Revive Eco

Company: Revive Eco

Founders: Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore

Website: https://revive-eco.com

About Revive Eco


Revive Eco is a Scottish Green BioTech business driven to redefine waste and inspire a sustainable future. The company have developed a patent pending process to extract high value oils, chemicals and derivatives from used coffee grounds. These outputs are then converted into functional ingredients for the cosmetics and food and drink sectors, for example surfactants and emulsifiers. Our coffee oils and ingredients are capable of replacing a variety of damaging virgin ingredients such as palm and coconut oil. By diverting waste away from landfill, we are able to deliver a more sustainable source of ingredients to a range of global companies, through our true closed loop system.

The company was founded in 2015 by Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore, although it wasn’t until 2018/19 that the focus was placed on the higher value outputs ie oils and chemicals. The company has a lab at BioCity where the team of 5, including two chemists and a microbiologist are based.

The process has successfully been scaled up to a large lab scale which has enabled us to supply samples to a range of global skincare and food and drink companies who are actively seeking to remove palm oil and it’s derivatives from their supply chain. Our next step is to scale up our process to a pilot scale and we are doing this with a French manufacturing partner.

This project kicks off in mid December, and in Q1 2024 will see our process running on a 1,000L pilot scale, and 50x increase in scale from what we can do in our lab. This will give us a huge quantity of material to supply initially into the skincare sector in the UK and Europe.

We have raised over £1.3m in investment and grant funding, including the successful running of a crowdfunding campaign last year which saw over 600 individual investors making an investment into Revive. We have also received grant funding from InnovateUK, Scottish Enterprise and Zero Waste Scotland. Most recently, we were awarded the top prize of €50k from EIT Food, as part of our exploration into applications within the food and drink sector.

Our mission has always been to protect the environment, and using business as a force for change to do so. Our circular business model delivers a range of environmental benefits throughout the process. Firstly, we are diverting tonnes of used coffee grounds away from landfill, in turn reducing CO2 emissions from the material breaking down in landfill. Our process has also been optimised with environmental efficiency at the forefront of development work to ensure that our process is both scalable and sustainable.

Most importantly, our outputs can displace and replace a variety of damaging virgin ingredients such as palm oil. The increased production of materials like palm oil is leading to huge swathes of deforestation which is contributing immensely to the health of our global environment. It is our goal to use circular processes to remove the reliance on virgin materials and offer more local and transparent ingredients to our partners. We have conducted an early stage life cycle analysis which illustrated that we can reduce CO2eq emissions by 3x to produce the same quantity of our coffee oil in comparison to palm oil, and for every tonne of used coffee grounds we divert from landfill, we reduce CO2 emissions by roughly 1.8 tonnes.

We are incredibly excited about what the future holds for us, and we truly believe that circularity has the potential to solve many of the global problems we are facing.


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