64. Beyondtheschoolrun

Company: Beyondtheschoolrun

Founder: Louise Webster

Website: https://twitter.com/beyondtsr



About Beyondtheschoolrun


Beyondtheschoolrun is the award-winning platform connecting mothers with their skills and talents. We reach mothers across the Globe via our website, social channels, newsletter, book ‘A New Way for Mothers’ and soon to launch podcast.

Beyondtheschoolrun aims to address the societal issue of underutilized skills and untapped potential among parents, particularly mothers. By enabling parents to leverage their skills flexibly, we aim to create a more inclusive and balanced job market.

Beyondtheschoolrun serves as a platform for mothers to connect with personal and professional growth, encompassing reskilling, jobs, entrepreneurialism, lifestyle, and wellbeing. It’s a hub that caters to all aspects contributing to mothers’ development. From career and life coaches to collaborations with job provider platforms and menopause connections, Beyondtheschoolrun stands as the ultimate destination for mothers seeking growth alongside their children.

It offers a trusted space for connections that might otherwise be challenging to find. By bringing together experts, webinars, events, daily guidance, and inspiration, the platform supports mothers in progressing, offering content accessible in various formats – whether listening to a podcast on the go, joining an online webinar, or attending a meet-up.


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