65. Bayezian

Company: Bayezian

Founders: Ed Dixon, Glyn Heath

Website: https://www.bayezian.com/


About Bayezian


Bayezian combines academic excellence and industry expertise to inspire smart people to do amazing things with data. This includes artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive competitiveness, statistical analyses and cutting-edge research, and model and application design to make lives easier, and utilise ‘tech for good’.

Since being founded in 2020, Bayezian has exclusively hired early career data scientists, training them and finding exciting projects that might normally only be open to more experienced professionals. Bayezian has done this by building a reputation of delivering quality outcomes on time.

Just one example of Bayezian’s projects includes its coveted AI breakthrough for male fertility diagnosis earlier this year. By writing a new computer vision model, Bayezian can determine male fertility at a faster and more accurate rate than previously possible. The model spots differences that the human eye can’t perceive, identifying sperm fertility with a 96% accuracy rate — 2% higher than existing scientific approaches.

Bayezian also spearheads a ‘plus one’ approach for its staff members, focused on an individual’s addition to the company. It involves team members working on client projects while also pursuing their personal AI research interests. A plus one is the employee’s project; it allows them to take their passion and work on it. This concept is particularly beneficial to early careers employees as they can learn and practise the skills they are interested in. Providing this freedom to explore and experiment has also led to groundbreaking discoveries and innovations that contribute to the company’s success and impact.

Wxcellent hiring, training and ethos remain key to Bayezian’s success story.

Bayezian produces solutions for problems in the pharmaceutical and healthcare and environmental, social and government sectors. The latter is particularly timely as organisations must now demonstrate that they are purposeful about sustainability, hold strong ethical standards and operate responsibly in everything they do.

Ed Dixon is the co-founder and CEO of Bayezian. Ed’s commitment to building lasting connections is paralleled by his passion for accelerating early careers, enabling individuals to reach their full potential by cultivating an influential presence as thought leaders to shape the future of AI. He is also a thought leader in the sector, having penned opinion pieces for a number of publications.

Glyn Heath is co-founder of Bayezian. Glyn has over 20 years of experience in the tech sector and has landed accolades such as Fast Track 100, Tech Track 100, Inner City 100 and Hot 100 listings in that time. Currently, he uses his experience to lead Bayezian and develop talented young tech innovators who are entering the industry, as well as strategising with ambitious startups. Like Ed, he has also written numerous thought leadership pieces for various publications.


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