64. Monneo – Lili Metodieva

Company: Monneo

Founder: Lili Metodieva

Website: https://www.monneo.com

Business: The company offers a true end-to-end payments solution for the eCommerce industry.


About Lili and Monneo

Since launching in 2017, Monneo has emerged as a true fintech leader. The company offers a true end-to-end payments solution for the eCommerce industry and has developed a unique business model offering a robust network between businesses and banks across the UK, EU, LATAM region, as well as the rest of the world.

Whereas many alternative systems focus solely on providing either an ‘Open Banking’ or card acquiring service, Monneo’s solution can handle both tasks and therefore represents a far superior choice for customers. Built using cutting-edge technology and providing advanced connectivity to banks.




With Monneo, users can gain access to virtual IBAN accounts at different banks within the company’s network, all under a single application process and single agreement. The dedicated Virtual IBAN accounts are issued via Monneo’s network of reputable European and International banking partners and operated through its leading banking interface.

At its core, Monneo is looking to simplify eCommerce and has developed multiple solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers. As of 2022, Monneo is the only company to currently provide a full payment ecosystem to its customers, with its service representing a true end-to-end solution.

Monneo will use the next 12 months to develop new features for its system. This ability was recently demonstrated through the company’s launch of izzio, a new mobile application designed for freelancers to receive payments from their clients for remote services provided. Moving forward, the company will continue to invest in its own solutions and services as it helps eCommerce merchants break down legacy barriers.


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