65. Think RevOps – Catherine Mandungu

Company: Think RevOps

Founder: Catherine Mandungu

Website: https://www.thinkrevops.com/

Business: Revenue Operations Consulting


About Catherine and Think RevOps

Catherine Mandungu is the founder of Think RevOps, a company that began as the pandemic brewing. She realised the revenue operations market was booming, especially within the tech industry, and therefore wanted to explore what is largely an untapped market within the UK and Europe. Finding a foothold in an often-unexplored area is difficult, but Catherine knew she could become a pioneer.

Catherine was born in Congo, DRC, and then raised mainly in the Netherlands. Coming from a working-class background, privilege did not influence Catherine, but rather by personal ambition and desire for a better life. She states her mum is her biggest drive and motivation. Once she decided to move to the UK to study, there was no stopping her, and she has since worked at large companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Adobe.




Working for large corporations was not her plan, as she always wanted her own business. Therefore, it seemed natural to move into the tech start-up and scale-up space.

Although 2020 was a slow start, due to the precarious climate of the world, business started picking up towards the end of the year. Fast forwarding to the present day, Catherine was able to grow 241% YoY in 2021, and is projected to grow another 166% YoY in 2022. Her business model is built around RevOps-as-a-Service (RO-aaS), which has allowed her to scale to a monthly recurring revenue of 30K+.


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