65. Legislate


Company: Legislate

Founder: Charles Brecque, 2020

Website: https://www.legislate.tech/

Business: Platform to create lawyer-approved contracts on no legal budget.


About Legislate

Legislate simplifies lengthy contracting processes for small businesses, landlords and letting agents across the UK whilst unlocking unique insights from their contract data. Legislate reduces legal costs and the time spent creating contracts by offering an easy-to-use SaaS platform for businesses to create, sign and manage contracts at scale.

In the past year, Legislate has raised £1M from leading investors including Parkwalk Advisors and Perivoli Innovations, been granted a US patent (United States Patent No. 11,087,219) for its knowledge graph approach to modelling contracts and has grown its user base to over 1000 members in the UK. Legislate plans to increase its efforts to make quality contracting accessible to the unlawyered in 2022 both in the UK and abroad.


legislate app


Founded in 2020 out of the frustrations of long legal processes, Legislate aims to take the pain out of contracting through technology and a suite of lawyer-approved contracts, ranging from tenancy agreements to NDAs which can be customised by non-lawyers without jeopardising their quality. Users can set the terms of their agreements by answering questions on the platform which will then automatically generate a contract based on those terms. Contract terms are validated for legal and logical consistency by the knowledge graph and compiled into metrics to provide key insights to contract creators.

With its patented technology, Legislate is pioneering the use of knowledge graphs in documents to make contract data usable. Unlike traditional PDFs, Legislate is making core contract terms searchable, visual, readily accessible and understandable. Legislate’s team marries technical and legal expertise and aims to create a safer and more transparent contracting experience whilst providing users with quick and accurate insights with a technology that has endless possibilities.


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