69. Deazy – Andy Peddar

Company: Deazy

Founder: Andy Peddar

Website: https://www.deazy.com/

Business: Deazy is a curated marketplace of development talent, a platform to connect enterprises, VC backed scale-ups, and some of Europe’s biggest agencies


About Andy and Deazy

Deazy is a curated marketplace of development talent, a platform to connect enterprises, VC backed scale-ups, and some of Europe’s biggest agencies with the right dev talent for every engagement, in a smart, cost-effective, scalable and flexible way.

Founded in 2018, it was also an incredibly timely venture. The world has never been so reliant on developers, with every website, app, platform and more needing a development team to bring it to life.

But the skills and expertise required to make this happen have never been scarcer, a fact brought home to Deazy founder Andy Peddar when he struggled to find development talent for a previous start-up. Organisations face capability and capacity issues within technology, whether that’s product managers, developers, scrum masters, project managers, or QA specialists. Deazy emerged to address this issue.



Deazy is an ecosystem of developers from handpicked tech teams comprising more than 5,000 developers from teams all over the world. These teams offer unparalleled collective expertise across a wide range of popular languages and platforms. They’re also available for multiple engagement models, from full end-to-end project delivery to team augmentation.

There’s a crucial difference between Deazy and other developer marketplaces – they mostly connect businesses with freelance developers, but Deazy works with established teams. This gives a far broader skill set and expertise, with capacity and flexibility to suit all needs. Furthermore, Deazy allows clients to build handpicked global teams from the UK, enabling them to receive full R&D tax credits whilst still benefiting from the expertise and experience of the global talent pool.

Demand for Deazy’s services has grown dramatically. One key customer is RAC, which provides breakdown services to around 12M UK consumers. RAC has an internal digital team but partnered with Deazy to address the challenges of aligning capability and capacity of teams with accelerated digital transformation targets.

From a standing start, RAC scaled up to nine Deazy developers in just three months, in addition to onboarding a separate Deazy support squad. These resources were identified, screened, onboarded and started adding value in less than four weeks (vs months for recruitment).

In January 2022 Deazy closed Series A funding of £5million. This is enabling Andy to scale out a team to drive even faster growth and transition to a platform, enabling a scalable and excellent service experience.

This means that every project and interaction between Deazy employees, its development teams and clients can be managed via the Deazy platform. This enables a more efficient and scalable model, setting the company up for sustained and rapid growth.

In a world with a greater need than ever for development talent, Deazy is a platform to meet that need. Its last full financial year saw revenues of £5M+, annual turnover growth over the last three years has been 100%+, while Andy’s ambition for Deazy is to become the most trusted global developer marketplace by 2025.


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