70. Lumio – Charlie Richardson

Company: Lumio

Founder: Charlie Richardson

Website: https://www.lumio-app.com/ 

Business:  Lumio is a money management app that helps people track and control their own money, or the money of their loved ones.


About Charlie and Lumio

Charlie, the founder of fintech app Lumio, believes everyone deserves the same level of personalised money management, regardless of background and circumstances. His vision is a world in which everyone has the financial security and peace of mind to decide their future.

39% of adults don’t feel confident managing their money but 4 in 5 of those who have used a money management app felt they could save more effectively than before. In the UK, 41% don’t have enough savings to live for a month without income, and 9% have no savings at all. This highlights the importance of effective money solutions.




Lumio was built for people with financial responsibilities, whether expecting a baby, becoming a recent pet-owner, or buying a new home together with their partner. Lumio allows users to unify all their accounts, including joint accounts, in one money dashboard. The app then shows whether the money is going, how it is growing, and how users’ spending habits are changing.

Lumio’s AI-powered notifications give users insights about their spending, telling them when they can afford to set some extra money aside.

Since incorporation in 2016, Lumio have successfully raised £1.5M through 1,792 investors with crowdfunding rounds in 2021 and 2022, and in 2023 Lumio will be raising again to accelerate their growth towards being the most personalised app for people to manage and grow their money.

Since February 2020, Lumio have reached 34,700 users and 100,000+ connected accounts, analysing data from £1.5BN transactions. In the past 12 months customers are up nearly 400% and daily use up 216%.


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