71. NMBLR – Janice MacLennan

Company:  NMBLR

Founder: Janice MacLennan

Website:  https://nmblr.co/

Business:  NMBLR is an app that helps businesses create cross-functional, cohesive global strategies.


About Janice and NMBLR

NMBLR was created by Janice MacLennan, a pharmaceutical strategist who has worked with global pharma brands at the top level. Having launched NMBLR in 2022 she is already using it with clients, and the app is being presented to small to medium sized biotech companies across the world for use in the development and evolution of strategy, which should be happening from phase II onwards. It will then be rolled out to wider industries.

NMBLR is a first-to-market digital app to enable cross-functional, and front line, contribution to and co-creation of, a clear, choiceful and winning strategy. It allows teams to strive towards real-time, adaptive strategy development and execution.

As a cloud-based platform it enables global teams to bring together different areas of expertise, insight and ideas and work cohesively across time zones in order to formulate commercial strategies to bring lifesaving drugs and therapies to patients. Some two years in development, and at a cost of £millions to build, NMBLR provides a decision-making platform enabling the right experts to work with different data and inputs all in one place.




Every decision, suggestion and idea that emerges is captured, meaning no more lost ideas, or wasted man hours reproducing old thinking. It enables teams to bring velocity, data, collaboration and transparency into their strategic planning, especially in the hybrid workforce world. Strategies developed in NMBLR are living, not static collecting dust in sharepoint folders.

There have been challenges along the way, not least bringing the idea itself to fruition. The concept of a guided process with multiple means of collaboration and input seems to be new territory. However, the direction of the app was shaped by user feedback from the start. The power of NMBLR is that the inputs from the start carry throughout the development of the strategy and right to the outputs at the end.

The NMBLR team had to think through these to cover all bases – ensuring the platform is robust and helping users maintain the links and data integrity throughout the strategy. They achieved a solution that ensures that decisions are fully developed and evidenced and that prevents ideas being shoe-horned in. Each step is tailored to the need and has a unique layout. The team re-used design patterns across the app, so that although there’s a new layout, the interactions are familiar.

The longterm goal is to get NMBLR to enable more small/medium sized companies to initiate thinking through their commercialisation strategies earlier so that they identify the data that is going to make them competitive. The idea is to allow companies to focus on digital health tech that will set them up for success at launch and onwards.


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