72. Atlantic Money – Neeraj Baid and Patrick Kavanagh

Company: Atlantic Money

Founders: Neeraj Baid & Patrick Kavanagh

Website: https://atlantic.money/gb

Business: Atlantic Money’s is the most simple, slick and cost-effective way for consumers to move money across borders.


About Neeraj, Patrick and Atlantic Money

Founders Neeraj Baid and Patrick Kavanagh met in Silicon Valley as early employees of Robinhood where they initially worked on the core brokerage, then later on, crypto and international expansion, before leaving in late 2020 to spend time in London figuring out their next steps.

The true underlying cost of sending money abroad is largely fixed per transaction, and institutions convert funds at near-zero costs. Yet regular people are stuck paying escalating fees – the more you send, the more you pay. Nobody offers a simple, price-effective solution to regular people.

Hence the need for Atlantic Money: the simple money transfer service with fees that are easy to understand – just £3, with 0% FX markup for transfers up to £1m. The app is straightforward – no added features irrelevant to the core service, just a dead-simple money transfer solution. And most importantly, the fees are low – up to 99% cheaper than anyone else in the world.


atlantic money


With a friction-free app, plus a technology platform that cuts out the middleman, it directly connects everyday customers to an institutional-grade currency transfer solution. Now, pricing previously reserved for the banks will be available to regular customers, at a dramatically lower cost.

Its team boasts former employees of Wise, Tinkoff, Monzo, Amazon & Freetrade, who bring their expertise together to deliver one core product that is laser-focused on doing one thing better than anyone else – getting people’s money from one currency and country to another, as efficiently as possible.

The firm is also backed by a number of leading venture capitalists including Amplo VC, Ribbit Capital, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Harry Stebbings, Elefund, Day One Capital, as well as the founders of Robinhood, providing Atlantic Money with the financial strength and stability to deliver a world-leading service.


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