73. By Miles – James Blackham

Company: By Miles

Founder: James Blackham

Website: http://www.bymiles.co.uk

Business: By Miles is the UK’s first real time pay-by-mile car insurance policy.


About James and By Miles

We know that the less you drive, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident. So we charge a relatively small fixed fee to cover the car while it’s parked and then a per-mile rate of a few pence to cover your driving.

In April, we rolled out our By Miles Connect platform – a new way for us to provide insurance to our members, by speaking directly to their connected car to receive mileage data, and have convinced major car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Ford and BMW to partner with us.

85% of road accidents are caused by human error, yet only a third of drivers who have adaptive cruise control ever use it – and less than a third who have speed limiters use them. From 2026, every new car will have connected capabilities, with estimates suggesting one in every five miles on UK roads will be automated in 2030.


by miles


In the future we want to go even further, and turn insurance from something reactive to something interactive. By Miles Connect is unlocking our ability to incentivise our members to choose safer behaviours. For example, we’ll be able to suggest our members park their car in a safer location, or turn on self-driving mode – and then discount their per-mile rate in real-time.

We’ll use these nudges to incentivise drivers and reduce claims in an interactive way – without forcing anyone into a certain type of behaviour.

Not driving your car is the safest thing you can do as a driver. In the near future, ‘not driving’ your car will mean more than parking it up – you could be behind the wheel, but with full self-driving mode on. In this case, the manufacturer would be liable for the miles driven – so our vision is to reduce the drivers insurance cost to zero.

While the rest of the industry is waiting for regulation to tell them what to do – we’re building solutions today that are ready for tomorrow.


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