69. Trucksters

Company: Trucksters

Founders: Luis Bardají, Gabor Balogh & Ramón Castro, 2018

Website: https://en.trucksters.io/

Business: Freight Transport Operator


About Trucksters

Trucksters is a freight transport operator that provides international transport services through an innovative truck relay system based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Trucksters offers air-freight times at road transport costs as it reduces long distance road transit time by up to 50% and is 20% more cost-efficient.

It is also more caring, as it enables its drivers to cover shorter distances and thus spend less time away from home.

Founded in 2018 by Luis Bardají, Gabor Balogh and Ramón Castro, Trucksters coordinates drivers, trucks, and freight for more than 500 clients across Europe, including Lesaffre, Kimberly Clark, DPD Group, and Damm, and e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Grupo Seur, and has transported more than 2,000 full truck loads (FTLs) in the past 12 months alone.

Trucksters is present in Madrid, the company’s headquarters, Valencia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, and Poland, and operates three major corridors connecting Spain, Germany, France, Benelux, and Poland:

Corridor 1: Central Spain – Benelux – Germany
Corridor 2: Eastern Spain – Benelux – Germany
Corridor 3: Central and Eastern Spain – Poland – Baltic States

The lack of long-distance drivers is becoming an acute problem in the transport sector. According to the International Road Union’s annual survey, European companies are expecting a 17% shortfall of drivers this year. Among the reasons were the challenging working conditions, further exacerbated by the pandemic, and the difficulties in attracting women and young people to the profession.

Moreover, road transport is a traditional sector that still suffers from high inefficiencies, including long idle times during long-distance transports. It is also a very fragmented service, with many small fleets and self-employed drivers, which makes it very difficult to invest in technology and innovation.

This is one of the reasons why the sector has not evolved in terms of technology yet.




Trucksters’ vision is to create an interconnected network built upon its operational backbone: the transport corridors. Having consolidated the first three, Trucksters aims to continue expanding along Europe’s main corridors.

All while bringing benefits to the supply chain: fleet operators, shippers, and drivers. In this respect, Trucksters believes in the importance of improving the working conditions of long-distance drivers to make them part of a more sustainable and efficient industry.

According to Gabor Balogh, co-founder of Trucksters, “our vision is to make relays an industry standard, not the exception”.

The Trucksters model allows to reduce the impact of road transport in the environment. However, Trucksters is going one step beyond by developing a series of projects to reduce its carbon print further:

Trucksters will be launching its first carbon-neutral route before 2022. Thanks to a model that calculates routes’ carbon footprint, an equivalent amount will be offset through the investment in carbon-absorption projects, such as reforestation plans.

Trucksters plans to launch its first transport routes with zero-emission vehicles before December 2021. Relay systems are key to introduce electric trucks over long distances, because of their limited range of autonomy.


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