68. TL Tech (Kindspace)

Company: TL Tech

Founders: Caroline and Thomas Laurenson, 2016

Website: https://www.tltechsmart.com/

Business: Holistic Wellbeing Voice Application that designs, installs and maintains smart home systems.


About TL Tech and Kindspace

TL Tech is an Aberdeenshire-based home automation specialist that designs, installs and maintains smart home systems using affordable hardware combined with clever tech know-how to integrate the functions people need in their home.

Founded in 2016, their mission is to create a world where Smart Meets Kind®, empowering people regardless of age, technical ability or finances to adopt digital solutions and transform lives by creating a unique caring and entertaining home environment.

The last 18 months have taken TL Tech in a completely new direction, from being essentially like a “plumber” for the smart home to now developing their own voice application software. Voice assistants are by far the most powerful tool in the smart home toolbox.

In March 2020 the world changed and the company founders Caroline and Thomas Laurenson started to explore this technology as a way to support their customers remotely, many of whom were already experiencing issues like loneliness even before the covid-19 pandemic.

From this they created Kindspace – a holistic wellbeing voice application (also known as a Skill) for Amazon Alexa, which helps people to track and maintain their wellbeing through a 1-minute daily check-in and a library of tips.




Caroline and Thomas have faced hurdles in both their personal lives and business. Their family has dealt with disability, estrangement, suicide, addiction, miscarriage, anxiety, depression, terminal illness, family caring, serious road traffic accident and heart attack and stroke.

They have shown real entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness and resilience, bootstrapping the business and crowdfunding to get to the point of launching Kindspace. Supporting people to adopt new technologies can be complex, as each person’s needs are unique.

A big part of what TL Tech does is breaking down barriers to empower people to try new things and building their confidence through education and personalised support.

Kindspace reduces inequalities in healthy ageing and improves access to mental health support. Kindspace empowers individuals to better manage their own self-care and adopt new wellbeing strategies.

Ultimately this reduces the burden on health services and carers and allows resources to be more efficiently managed. Kindspace harnesses the power of shared lived experiences, and the founders are keen to incorporate user generated content into the advice library.

Kindspace has a growing user base and is now available across the UK, US, Canada, Australia and India. Caroline and Thomas’ vision is to have over 5 million people join the Kindspace community in the next 5 years.

The focus for the next year is to launch a paid subscription version of Kindspace with additional interactive content (packages will include mindfulness practices, music therapy, poetry readings and creative activities) and implement artificial intelligence solutions to personalise the user experience.

They are exploring the opportunity to generate additional revenue through partnerships with retailers and service providers, through advertising and affiliate promotions.

Kindspace has the potential to create a significant impact in supporting the delivery of mental health care globally, particularly post-covid, when many will have experienced a decline in their overall wellbeing.


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