67. Sprift

Company: Sprift

Founder: Matt Gilpin, 2016

Website: https://sprift.com/

Business: UK Property Database to help make home buying and selling quicker, easier and cheaper for all.


About Sprift

Matt Gilpin founded Sprift (which stands for: ‘Smarter Property Information Technology’) in 2016, following the frustration of being unable to easily source the property data he required for his buy-to-let portfolio. He is driven by a desire to improve the quality of data available, and to create a smoother home buying and selling process.

Following his first property investment in 1999, Matt bought and sold many properties in the years that followed. For each investment he would spend hours collating property information and data from a variety of sources.

Although not from a tech background, he was sure there must be a way of aggregating all data and presenting it in one place, hence the idea for Sprift was born. It was also apparent to Matt at this time, that this would also be an issue for the wider house buying public.

Today, Sprift instantly offers the most comprehensive information on any UK property. The platform (which has over 28 million properties on it), is here to help make home buying and selling quicker, easier and cheaper for all by providing official and trusted information upfront.

The data is made available to any property professional via the Sprift dashboard from which they can build fully white-labelled vendor and buyer reports.




There are over 100 individual data points per property, sourced from 1bn+ records, including: planning, flood risk, council tax, broadband, EPC, floorplans, title plans and schools data.

Through its data, Sprift is on a mission to better inform buyers and – ultimately – reduce the time it takes to complete a house sale. Sprift reports help people make informed decisions that lead to a reduction in the number of deals that collapse – giving agents a competitive edge.

Sprift users have now produced reports on over 2m UK properties and saved clients over £90m research hours. On average, Sprift helps agents win 25% more instructions and agents say the platform saves approx. 2-3 weeks in the sales process.

Today over 6,000 agents use Sprift – from nationals, corporates, small independents and online agents.

Sprift is valuable to anyone in the purchasing process – including surveyors, conveyancers, homebuyers and vendors. The company is now building its offering in the surveyor/conveyancer sectors and has started to work with relevant businesses across both.

Matt commented that: “Now is the time to break new ground with unrivalled property data, and to enable so many others to benefit from its value. From mortgage companies to asset management, utilities and the public sector – there are endless and multi-faceted property transactions which really could benefit. We want to set about influencing change in all industries that consume property data.”

Sprift continues to witness rapid growth with customer billings up by 235% in July 2021 compared to July 2020. The quarter to July 2021 represented a 19% pick up vs the quarter ended April 2021.


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