7. Limbic

Company: Limbic

Founder: Ross Harper and Sebastiaan de Vries

Website: https://limbic.ai/

Business: Limbic builds AI software to support mental health patients and clinicians.


About Limbic

The number of patients entering mental health services is rapidly increasing as a result of the pandemic, however the number of clinicians remains unchanged. Limbic uses AI to support clinicians with clinical decisions, free up their workload and reduce patient wait times.

The organisation has a number of software products that aim to ease specific painpoints in the clinical pathway; Limbic Access, which enables patients to self-refer into services, Limbic Care, which provides CBT support to patients while they are on the waitlist and personalised coping mechanisms by the clinician in between sessions and Limbic Prevent, which offers continued, personalised support once the patient has finished treatment, to mitigate the risk of relapse.

All of these products collect patient data throughout the clinical process and share insights with clinicians to help inform their decisions and assessments, in turn freeing up their time and creating a more personalised experience for the patient.




Since its inception in 2017, Limbic has raised over £1.4m through a combination of VC backing (AI Seed, 7Percent Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Joyance Partners) as well as grants from the likes of Innovate UK and the European Commission.

The startup is the brainchild of Dr Ross Harper and Sebastiaan de Vries, both alumni of the Entrepreneur First programme. Harper comes from an academic background in mathematical modelling and probabilistic approaches, while de Vries’ background is in software development; he previously Co-founded Dutch payments startup Florian. Limbic, which uses data, AI and software to help inform clinical decisions, is a combination of their combined skill sets.

Limbic’s phenomenal growth this year has resulted in its products being used by 15% of NHS talk therapy providers (approx 140,000 annual patients). As well as this, the organisation pivoted and started providing their services to frontline workers to help mitigate the effects of burnout from working through the pandemic. Furthermore, the organisation recently appointed two US clinical consultants to help facilitate their US expansion.


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