77. SphereTrax

Company: SphereTrax

Founder: Sefi Carmel

Website: https://www.spheretrax.com/

SphereTrax - Jenson Funding Partners

About SphereTrax


Founded this year, SphereTrax is an innovative music sync and licensing platform for discovering the perfect pre-cleared commercial tracks for diverse projects, such as feature films, television shows, trailers, and video games. The platform’s unique features, including customisable faders and assistive AI search tools, enable users to pinpoint tracks that seamlessly align with their project’s mood.

What sets SphereTrax apart is its real-time timeline feature, allowing users to demo the catalogue alongside visuals, a feature absent in traditional production music libraries. SphereTrax is also currently the only music licensing platform to officially partner with Dolby Atmos and has all of its tracked mixed in Atmos.

Amidst challenges faced by musicians, SphereTrax is committed to effecting positive change, beginning with fair and transparent contracts for its artists. While the music industry has seen independent artists exploited by buyout licensing platforms, SphereTrax champions fair pay, quicker compensation, and enhanced access to sync and licensing opportunities.

By providing emerging artists with an accessible platform, SphereTrax not only exposes them to wider audiences but also supports their growth throughout their careers. The platform, distinct from production music libraries and major labels, curates a roster of real, touring artists, bringing genuine music to screens and democratising sync opportunities.

As of 2023, SphereTrax’s impact is evident, attracting over 65,000 visitors and amassing a library of 50,000 diverse tracks. The journey includes securing £330,000 in funding, strategic collaborations with industry leaders like Dolby, and achieving over 13 million views on social media.

Looking ahead to 2024, SphereTrax plans to raise a seed round for continued growth, expanding its global sales and marketing team. The focus remains on research and development and incorporating bespoke AI models to stay ahead of industry trends.


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