76. Nuclera

Company: Nuclera

Founder: Michael Chen

Website: https://www.nuclera.com/



Making Proteins Accessible | Nuclera


About Nuclera


Nuclera is the pioneer in bringing rapid protein prototyping to the benchtop. It makes proteins accessible through its breakthrough eProtein DiscoveryTM which accelerates breakthrough improvements in human health and empowers life science researchers with easy access to target proteins.

Drug discovery starts with the manufacture of custom protein reagents because some 95% of drug targets are proteins. However, custom protein reagents are challenging to manufacture – Michael Chen, co-founder and CEO of Nuclera, spent around three years gaining access to custom protein reagents before he was able to even start his PhD project. Nuclera was founded in 2013 to address this protein access pain, known as “the protein problem”, and this is why Nuclera’s mission is to empower protein makers everywhere in recognition of the fact that their trade is what enables bio innovation.

Nuclera accomplishes this mission through the eProtein DiscoveryTM benchtop system. It’s the first and only benchtop system that within 24 hours, in an end-to-end fashion, discovers the best sequences and conditions to manufacture custom protein reagents necessary to start drug discovery in the first place.

Overall, Nuclear accelerates the drug discovery process by 20x, in turn saving companies millions of dollars every year.


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