79. Ling App – Simon Bacher

Company: Ling App

Founder: Simon Bacher

Website: https://ling-app.com

Business: Ling App offers language programmes for lesser-spoken languages from around the world.


About Simon and Ling App

Ling was created in 2017 out of the necessity to speak with Simon’s wife’s family and friends, who are all Thai. At the time, there were no language programs offering lesser-spoken languages from around the world and we saw an opportunity. Together, they built Ling, a gamified language app, from scratch in our free time. They tested the market and saw great potential.


ling app


They quit their jobs about a year later and went all in. Initially, their challenges were customer acquisition – how would people find them without spending exorbitant amounts of money they didn’t have? The solution – blogging! They decided to create a language blog and it worked like a charm. Our blog now has over 800,000 views a month and our app now offers over 60 languages.

The plan for 2023 and beyond is to expand their marketing efforts and gain valuable feedback from our users to make Ling even better.


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