80. Live Tech Games – Nathan Moore and Samuel Worsley

Live Tech Games Co-founders

Company: Live Tech Games

Founders: Nathan Moore and Samuel Worsley

Website: https://www.livetechgames.com/

Business: Live Tech Games (LTG) is a pioneering 360 solution to strategic customer engagement founded in 2019.

About Nathan, Samuel and Live Tech Games

Live Tech Games (LTG) is a pioneering 360 solution to strategic customer engagement founded in 2019. Following a launch of Roshambo Live nationwide, LTG developed a pilot offering with ITV in 2021 that would go on to prove the concept of live, tournament-style games. LTG has developed a revolutionary platform that is designed to engage customers with digital experiences that people genuinely look forward to.


live tech games


With a uniquely developed formula for interactive games and live mass-participation technology, LTG’s experiences expertly straddle the dual-focus of captivating audiences and bringing value to brands and broadcasters. The bespoke mobile games are designed to complement a show’s popular IP, with an industry-leading partnership with media giant ITV resulting in WordSurge, built for This Morning. LTG’s appointment-to-play games are built to drive excitement and value for the viewer, re-engage multimedia customers and ensure a strong ROI for sponsor brands.

LTG’s most recent success is the launch of new word trivia game WordSurge. WordSurge is a collaboration with ITV’s This Morning, hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary and lead sponsor ITV Win. WordSurge soared through the charts with increasing popularity and over 1.6 million minutes of gameplay, securing the Number One Spot in the Free Games App Store Chart and the Trivia Games App Store Chart. With investment from ITV’s Studio 55 Ventures and a series of collaborative live games in development, LTG’s partnership with the broadcaster furthers its mission to change the landscape of media engagement for the better.


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