81. Log my Care – Sam Hussain and Adam Hurst

Company: Log my Care

Founders: Sam Hussain and Adam Hurst

Website: https://www.logmycare.co.uk/

Business: Log my Care is a care management software that provides insights and predictive data.


About Sam, Adam and Log my Care

Sam Hussain and Adam Hurst founded Log my Care in 2017 after witnessing the workload of support workers and the impact this has on the quality of care provided. They set out to knock down one of the biggest barriers to digital adoption in the care industry: the cost of technology.

This is why the platform’s Starter Plan has everything a care provider needs to go digital, and it is completely free to use, making technology accessible to everybody in social care. The platform for outstanding care management is now used by over 800 care providers, supporting 10,000 people every week.

Log my Care’s mission is to transform care for society’s most vulnerable people through the use of an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that speeds up recording care.


log my care


With the health data the platform has accumulated, Log my Care have an almost unprecedented level of insight into the care provided and its outcomes. With information sharing between the private and public sectors, the startup hopes to help build a system that is actively tackling health inequalities with data like theirs. Alongside integration with health services, care providers will be able to access summary care records and deliver better continuity of care.

Predictive data means health and social care services available in each area can be tailored to meet the needs of those being supported, in an ever-ageing population.

Earlier this year, the startup closed a £3.25 million Series A funding round, enabling the company to expand its team and product offering, determined by its community of care providers.

The team are also working on several NHS integrations to make sure information flows between different health and social care systems and while the UK is Log my Care’s main focus, for now, they already have some customers abroad and will be looking to have a real international impact soon.


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