82. Magway – Phill Davies & Rupert Cruise

Company: Magway

Founders: Phill Davies & Rupert Cruise

Website:  www.magway.com

Business:  Magway provides the sustainable transport of goods.


About Phill, Rupert and Magway

Magway was founded in 2017 by Rupert Cruise, a world renowned Magnetic motors engineer, and Phill Davies, a business expert.​

The idea for Magway stems from the founders’ own frustrations with deliveries. Phill, having ordered three identical gifts for his children, learned that the delivery of them was less than ideal. His tale of woe and frustrations quickly chimed with Rupert, one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in linear motors. Their conversation quickly began to explore how this technology could increase the speed, reliability, and sustainability of deliveries.




Magway is a deep tech company developing technology to enable zero-emissions delivery and redefine logistics. Their solution is an innovative transportation system for consumer goods and raw materials that is intelligent, cost-effective and emissions-free.

The system comprises high-speed, advanced software-controlled, linear motor carriages that can travel horizontally and vertically along routes which are just one metre in diameter.

Magway have received multiple awards including  New Civil Engineer’s Visionary Airports award. They were a finalist in the Heathrow Innovation Competition, as well as being named as one of Top 100 Global Start-ups by Singapore Government Slingshot. They have previously partnered with brand such as Ocado, Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, Space Syntax, Force Engineering and TRL.

Magway’s solution improves the cost, control, certainty and cleanliness of intra-site and inter-site supply chain logistics. It is powered by renewable energy, reducing the impact on the environment and giving you a guilt-free, resilient supply chain.


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