8. WalkSafe – Emma Kay

Company: WalkSafe

Founder: Emma Kay

Website: http://www.walksafe.io

Business: WalkSafe is an app that plots police data on a map, allowing users to plot safer journeys.


About Emma and WalkSafe

WalkSafe was founded in 2020 with a concept to give users as much information about their surroundings as possible. Now, with their growing team and advisors, their products, and  mission have developed with one goal in mind: to make the world a safer place.

WalkSafe has identified the need for digital solutions that help make people feel safe and secure. objective is to bring the world’s safety and security data into accessible apps and platforms giving users safety at their fingertips.

Their app does just that, bringing police crime data, community reported data and soon CCTV and ‘safe zone’ data together, all plotted on maps with information icons, allowing the user to plot safer journeys, understand local crime hotspots and to help others make better safety decisions. WalkSafe hopes that this will make everyone’s world a safer place.




The app’s human ‘satnav’ features lets its users avoid trouble spots on their walks. Users also have the option to invite a ‘circle of protectors’ to monitor them on their journey.

This year WalkSafe have launched a new version of their iOS & Android app as well as launching their personal safety awareness training seminars, which are delivered by former Scotland Yard detectives.

The team at WalkSafe have just completed an investment round which ensures they can launch their SAAS product ‘WalkSafe for Business’ which will enable businesses to meet their duty of care and ensure their employees remain safe on their commute late at night.


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