81. GiGL

Company: GiGL

Founders: Dan Hudson and Christian Ayerst

Website: https://getgigl.com/Employers • GiGL Job Search & Hiring

About GiGL


It is well documented that recruitment in Hospitality, Retail and Entertainment is a total nightmare and companies are struggling. These have always been high churn / high turn industries – staff rarely stay in a role more than 6 months and companies are always hiring.

These roles are often part-time / weekend / top-up roles etc and frequently people’s 1st roles, so a CV is useless.

GiGL is a video / mobile 1st job platform that focuses on the engagement and conversion of Gen Z candidates. They have fundamentally different consumption patterns from previous generations and will be 40%+ of the workforce in these industries by the end of 2025.

To date we have achieved circa 100k+ downloads and over the last 12 months we have seen exceptional growth, being used by the likes of Holiday Inn, Hardrock Hotel, Burger & Lobster, Premier Inn and Chopstix. We have also hit the top 30 in the UK app store and worked on a trial with the Miami Dolphins.

People are getting hired in as little as 24 hours. We have launched a 7-day guaranteed response to an application, so we are removing ghosting from the process and employers can now invite candidates (giglers) to apply for their roles.

In 2024 we are working to scale the platform to other cities and countries and are about to target acquisition in NYC.


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