82. Manageable

Company: Manageable

Founders: Farley Thomas and Inken Thomas

Website: https://www.manageable.works/


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About Manageable


Manageable is the personalised skills development programme led by experts and designed to equip new and existing managers with the capabilities they need to be great leaders. It was founded by husband and wife Farley (CEO) and Inken Thomas (Chief Product Officer) in 2020.

As a society, we have lived through the greatest workplace disruption in generations as technological advancements, evolving skills and demographic shifts have become the new normal. More often than not sadly, those who are leading people and teams throughout organisations don’t have the people skills they need.

This is a real problem. Studies have shown that managers have the biggest impact on employee engagement, yet fewer than 20% of employers provide management training. As a result, those businesses that do invest in personalised development plans will have a significant uplift as employees advance and become role models for the next cohort beneath them. Our philosophy is that good managers create better leaders.

Manageable goes beyond the typical corporate training courses and in doing so, is able to offer a truly personalised and tech-enabled learning experience. This is done by using ultra-small classes, data-driven learning and real-world practice guided by accredited coaching experts. After being equipped with enough learning, we match them with a coachee to help them with a personal development goal.

We have designed multiple experiences to support individual managers as they advance in their careers. This ranges from entry-level, all the way up to organisational leaders who want to be positive role models for a coaching style and promote a coaching culture. But what underpins all of the work we do is our AI-powered digital companion. This suite of tools includes frictionless and automated scheduling, intelligent peer-to-peer matches, and a state-of-the-art virtual coaching room with AI-augmented feedback available in real-time. This is also accompanied by post-session analytics that provide invaluable feedback.

Through our training, we’ve estimated that over 5,000 employees at 35 organisations globally have already been impacted by their managers. We are proud to have worked with pre-revenue start-ups, hyper-growth scale-ups and global corporations, some of whom are household names.

Having previously studied linguistics and coaching at university, as well as holding global leadership positions at HSBC for over a decade, Farley understood the far-reaching impact of a manager who can lead people effectively. Alongside Farley, Inken brings a wealth of experience advising leaders and international companies as the previous co-founder of a boutique strategic management consultancy as well as Global Client Services Director at Saatchi & Saatchi. Together, we have assembled a stellar team with a standout track record in multiple disciplines with a combined 75 years of experience.

There is a huge untapped market opportunity: middle managers are currently underserved by both their employers and the corporate training industry.


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