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Founder: Melissa Gauge

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Founded in 2020, SpareMyTime is leading a workplace revolution, dedicated to supporting individuals back into the workplace. As a virtual business support firm, we provide comprehensive assistance with admin tasks, marketing, social media management, and bookkeeping, catering to a diverse range of individuals and businesses across the UK.

My journey with SpareMyTime began in 2016 when I left my corporate role at an investment bank. My decision stemmed from the realisation that balancing life with small children and a full-time executive career was no longer sustainable. I wanted to create something that really helped people, like me, who was forging a way forward, balancing work with family life. Our primary focus has been in assisting parents and neurodiverse individuals back into work, and since our launch, we have employed over 50 parents.

We work with an incredible roster of different clients – all with a unique set of problems to solve. Our virtual assistant services bring calm and order to time-strapped solopreneurs and larger companies seeking increased productivity while alleviating admin, invoicing, and marketing pressures. Additionally, our services also provide essential support for busy parents juggling domestic responsibilities with work and children.

As businesses increasingly turn to remote work, the reliance on outsourcing tasks has become crucial for maintaining productivity and flexibility. In 2023, we registered a 325% rise in growth since we first launched, with this year alone seeing a 47% increase in revenue. Moreover, virtual business support is evolving rapidly, as evidenced by the global surge in outsourcing spending, projected to reach £571 billion by the year’s end.

The UK, in particular, has witnessed a significant shift, with 48% of companies now outsourcing their work, marking a 41% increase since 2019. By recognising and adapting to the growing demand for outsourcing, we stand as a tech-enabled solution for businesses navigating the changing dynamics of the modern work environment.

At SpareMyTime, our approach to flexible working is rooted in a genuine belief in empowering our employees to harmonise their personal and professional lives. While many companies offer a set template for flexible working, we tailor solutions to individual needs, effectively exceeding standard practices. Our commitment to flexibility is not just a footnote in our job adverts; it’s our defining feature and unique selling point. We have successfully implemented various flexible working options, accommodating those seeking part-time roles of 10 hours per week to those desiring full-time positions.

Understanding the diverse challenges faced by our employees, particularly in managing work alongside childcare and parental care responsibilities, we have integrated a robust support system. Our practices extend beyond policy frameworks, creating a culture of peer-to-peer support that ensures job security during emergencies such as caring for a sick child or elderly relative. For women returning from maternity leave, we offer tailored reintegration programs, mentorship, and training opportunities to ensure a smooth transition. Many of our team members have rejoined us after career breaks for parenthood, as we are one of the few employers recognising parenthood as a valuable skill set.


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