81. Goldex Technologies

Company: Goldex Technologies

Founder: Sylvia Carrasco

Website: https://goldexapp.com/business/

Business: A a multi-dealer marketplace for gold that offers an integration to financial companies over API or FIX.


About Goldex Technologies

Founded in 2014, Goldex are on the mission to democratise the world of allocated physical gold investments. Gold has long been considered the ultimate store of wealth and a hedge against inflation. Given it’s not the new kid on the block, it’s sometimes considered a niche asset class.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Over £4.5bn of allocated gold is traded every single day in London alone. Yet access to allocated gold – the only form of gold that legally belongs to the buyer – has historically been the preserve of the largest financial institutions. Now, any financial company – from fintech to embedded finance operator and more – can plug into Goldex over API or FIX in just 6 weeks and offer their customers the ability to invest in physical gold that legally belongs to them.




They are building state-of-the-art trading technology: never before have retail investors been able to buy allocated physical gold on a marketplace that offers price discovery and deep liquidity. Their platform is exchange grade and can handle up to 1000 per second through-puts, powered by our proprietary smart-order router that ensures the gold trader gets the best price every time.

They are providing an integration for other companies: they started out as a B2C mobile app but saw the bigger prize – integrating with other companies. They offer a complete suite of REST APIs organised into separate market data, trading, and settlement functional areas. They also support industry-standard FIX integrations for trading and settlement. A full sandbox environment is available for testing.

They launched their B2B offering 6 months ago and were taken back by the demand. They are integrating their first partners before the end of the year and have a full pipeline for 6 months after that. From there, they believe that the trading technology they’ve built can do many things aside from offering gold. That’s where they’re headed and they’ll have some big announcements in 2022.


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