80. NOQ Events

Company: NOQ Events

Founder: Param Kanabar

Website: https://www.noqgroup.com/

Business: Food and Drinks transactions app, catered to high volume transactions in short bursts during event intervals.


About NOQ Events

Ever waited in a queue for food and drinks and missed your favorite artist performing?

NOQ provide an all-rounded solution for taking food and drinks transactions, through their integrated app ordering platform and EPOS solution, built to cater to high volumes of transactions in short burst intervals at events and venues, globally.

Their solution includes, and is not limited to, native app, web app, EPOS terminal, and integrated card readers.

NOQ is able to cater to bespoke tech requirements, whilst maintaining and priding itself on its slick and intrinsic UI. Their in-house development team is continuously innovating on the product, and front-facing team is continuously ensuring that clients’ needs are met and exceeded.




NOQ’s MVP has been tested and deployed in over 300+ events and is now refined to build an end-to-end ordering system that caters to large events.

Their product is equipped specifically to handle high volume transactions and seamlessly fulfill orders, with a crisp UI to easily manage queues and a powerful backend for event organizers to take control of their own events and manage supplier arrangements, pricing, reporting, and much more.

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