85. TechTalent – Janice Rae

Company: TechTalent

Founder: Janice Rae

Website: https://www.techtalent.co.uk/

Business: TechTalent is a provider of corporate training solutions for tech employers.


About Janice and TechTalent

TechTalent is the AI-driven EdTech business connecting the tech industry to aspiring talent through scalable corporate training solutions.

Founded by Janice in 2019, the business has grown quickly from a team of three in 2019 to a position where it now employs 40 people across offices in London, Birmingham and Bristol. It is dedicated to working with individuals and major tech employers to help tackle the UK’s tech skills gap and creating a scalable, sustainable tech sector.

Particularly important to the business is championing innovation, diversity and inclusion within the industry. The business works to engage with people from a wide range of backgrounds to help provide them with the training and skills they need to forge successful careers in tech. This focus also brings significant benefits to the tech employers TechTalent works with, helping them diversify their teams to build more inclusive environments with a wider range of experiences and perspectives.

TechTalent achieves this through two main pillars; its TechTalent Academy and its Attract, Train Deploy model.



Through the TechTalent Academy, the business works to provide individuals with training across a range of fully-funded courses in data science, cyber security, software development and cloud computing. By completing these courses, participants can achieve recognised industry certifications, such as the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification as well as BCS foundation certifications in Artificial Intelligence, Information Security Management, Cisco Cyber Security Essentials, Agile and User Experience.

The TechTalent Academy has performed exceptionally well when it comes to upskilling new entrants into the tech sector from a range of diverse backgrounds. 72 per cent of the Academy’s current students identify as Black, Asian or as having mixed ethnic heritage and 47 per cent are female. TechTalent also recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant, signalling its commitment to working with military veterans and service leavers to help support them into suitable tech careers and they adjust to life after service.

The Academy has provided training for more than 3,000 students to date and has secured placements for them with household names, including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Meta, Fujitsu and Barclays.

Through its Attract, Train, Deploy model, TechTalent also works closely with major employers to help them identify and address their tech skills requirements and provide them with experienced TechTalent.

The model handles the entire administrative process of recruiting and training individuals before placing them with businesses. This, in turn, helps reduce hiring risks for employers and provides them with scalable and on-demand tech professionals who are ready to be deployed onto projects from the word go.

Overall, the business has enjoyed real success since its foundation in 2019 and has played an important role in creating opportunities for individuals interested in a tech career while working closely with businesses to address their skills requirements. As it continues build its network and raise awareness of its offering, TechTalent is ideally positioned to continue to grow its offering and fulfill its mission of helping create a thriving tech sector right across the UK.


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