86. Toqio – Eduardo Martinez & Michael Galvin

Eduardo Martinez & Michael Galvin

Company: Toqio

Founders: Eduardo Martinez & Michael Galvin

Website: https://toqio.co/

Business: Toqio is a fintech platform ​that gives companies the ability to quickly create and launch fully branded banking or finance solutions as apps or on the web.


About Eduardo, Michael, and Toqio

Toqio is a fintech platform that gives companies the ability to create and launch fully branded banking or finance solutions as apps or on the web in weeks, not months. Founded in 2019 by Eduardo Martinez and Michael Galvin with offices in London, Madrid, and Nairobi, Toqio is the dominant SaaS platform for developing innovative fintech solutions, supported by a comprehensive configuration and customization platform along with a Marketplace of trusted, reputable partners.

Toqio significantly reduces the time to market for clients, mitigates delivery risk, and drives increased revenue and customer retention. In less than two years, Toqio has secured more than 50 clients that have built numerous financial solutions throughout Europe, and has grown the business internally from 17 people to over 100 in the past 18 months.




The road to setting Toqio up, however, was challenging as the founders were creating a business in a totally new category. Their expertise, combined with top talent and knowledge of the market, was essential to their success, enabling the founding team to create something genuinely impactful in the world that has real application for people and businesses across industries.

Following a UK launch in 2020, Toqio formally launched in Spain in Q4 2021 and acquired its first two customers in the US in December 2021. Some of its customers include Crealsa, Paysme and Movepay.

The company recently closed €20 million in funding — €18.7M in Series A and €1.3M from a grant by The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) in Spain.

Now Toqio is planning a phased geographic expansion into the US, France and Germany. It is also currently establishing EU and US commercial teams and channels that will form the basis of its playbooks to ensure it is able to effectively scale globally.


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