87. Appetite App

Company: Appetite App

Founders: Toby Green and James Green

Website: https://www.appetiteapp.uk/

Appetite App | LinkedIn

About Appetite App 


Appetite is an innovative mobile app redefining how people discover, plan, and book their dining experiences. By alleviating the traditional frustrations associated with restaurant hunting, gathering friends, and making reservations, Appetite brings a new, streamlined approach to dining out.

Founded in April 2023, Appetite stemmed from the tedious process of arranging a meal out with friends. The process felt fragmented, frustrating, and often outdated. Navigating from WhatsApp to coordinate schedules with friends, to Google for often unreliable restaurant reviews, and then to a booking site—only to discover the chosen restaurant is fully booked—creates a disjointed and frustrating user experience. We wanted to create an all-in-one platform where our users could get real-time, personalised suggestions of available spots, effortlessly coordinate plans with friends, and ultimately enjoy exceptional, hassle-free dining experiences.

The overwhelming response of over 10,000 sign-ups prior to the launch of Appetite underscored the substantial demand for a unified dining-out platform. More than just users, these early adopters are pivotal in supporting us to refine the app’s features, guaranteeing that Appetite resonates with the real-world desires of its audience. Appetite is driven to build a community of engaged foodies both inside and outside of the app, and we regularly host in-person events to thank our users and foster this growth.

We recently closed a £1.5m seed funding round and are delighted to be supported by an array of industry-leading angel investors. The funding will ignite accelerated growth and innovation at Appetite, allowing us to expand the team across marketing, strategic partnerships, and product development.

Looking ahead, we believe Appetite is poised to become the go-to platform for organizing incredible dining experiences. For those who love dining out, Appetite isn’t just an app – it’s the future of how we’ll discover, plan, and book our culinary adventures.


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